Top 100 Roto Players – October

Gates Imbeau





Accompanying the Roto Exclusive this month is a column dedicated to salary. Much like any category you add to a fantasy league,  salary completely changes the game. Suddenly you are faced with the challenge of filling out a productive, yet affordable, roster. Some like it and some do not. This edition is catered to those that do.


Even though the Top 100 is unaffected by the added focus, salary was always something I wanted to showcase.  Being a GM in large dynasties, I have come to know some pretty savvy managers. When it came to contracts and money spent, these guys knew exactly what to look for. With their spreadsheets in hand, mapping out the best bang for your buck players and their golden contracts allowed them to be in a position to compete year after year.  While it takes time to fully grasp the big picture, this edition aims to give you the basics and a general understanding of the value of salary.

Following the rankings and Black Aces Report is Ryan Goddard's "Capped" series. Ryan's collection of articles highlights some of the league's best contracts and its respective owner's Roto Strengths. Goddard is in the midst of writing his series. His first three pieces are featured in the edition while centers, defensemen and goaltenders are sure to follow.

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Happy spending!

Download the October edition of the Top 100 Roto Players in PDF format right here.