November 01, 2011

Dobber Sports



Some later news (or rather – early news that I’m getting to late) – Matt Read will miss the next two games with an UBI… Simon Gagne practiced today for the first time in a few days… Sean Avery has cleared re-entry waivers… Andy Sutton gets suspended for five games… Leafs send Matt Frattin to the Marlies and recall Joey Crabb…


The Read news is unfortunate, as he is still getting a foothold on a scoring line of a very deep team. Timing is everything…


Avery could be playing angry hockey – big PIM?


Halak owners – glass half full?


Final day! LIKE the Dobber Sports Facebook page. Why? Because on November 2nd I will draw 12 names. The first name drawn from the list of “likes” will receive an EASTON Stealth RS hockey stick. The one I have is a left shot, so if you shoot right and your name is drawn I have a Synergy EQ50 I can send you instead. The second name drawn will receive – courtesy of forum buddy Sin Bin – an autographed Sergei Gonchar picture. The next 10 names drawn will receive 10 free premium memberships at Pick’em First, which is a tool that helps you find and read info on players of interest quickly and easily. The app itself is free, but the premium features are not – but I have 10 memberships I can give away. So get on it!


Here is my Puck Daddy column from yesterday. Ignore my Kris Newbury recommendation – the guy was sent down a few hours before I wrote the column, and I missed it. As often as I look brilliant for pushing a player who later gets a hat trick, I get egg on my face for pushing another player.


My THN column from yesterday, pumping Kris Versteeg, who added an assist last night (the aforementioned making me look good later thing).


Brendan Ross gives us his Top 30 for next year's draft right here.


Did the media create the Raffi Torres thing? All I'm seeing is this media source says "everyone is up in arms" and that media source says "Twitter blew up" and this other media source says "some people called it racism" etc. etc. But never once did I see anyone actually call it racism or be upset with it in any way shape or form. Did three people out of Bissonette's 200,000 followers make a "troll" statement and the rest of the media jumped on it and thus created a big issue?


The earliest that Sidney Crosby will return to the lineup will be November 11. That misses my guess from a month ago by four days. But it does, I believe, put him at 67 games on the year – my Guide prediction.


Patric Hornqvist is starting to heat up. Once that guy finds the net, he can't miss for the next couple of weeks. He's starting to make his pitch to join the Windex Wonder club. That's goals in three straight games, and four in all. After going zero for seven.