Forensics – Roman Horak

Jason Arbuthnot




I’d like to introduce “FrozenPool Forensics”, a weekly ‘hard hitting’ column dedicated to uncovering and analyzing data found by my tools. There are many powerful FrozenPool tools available to subscribers. Naturally, hardcore fantasy fans enjoy unearthing hidden gems via FrozenPool on their own. That’s part of the fun right? Stay the course guys, you’re doing great. This week’s article wasn’t intended for you. Before delving into deep stat geekdom, let’s hit the basics.


Since this is my first column, let’s start off fresh and devote a crucial checklist for all rookie managers to follow when assessing that “no-name” player who causes a flurry at the beginning of the season. This goes beyond just clicking sort on Yahoo Fantasy Points and adding a player. The entire point is avoiding flavours-of-the-week and digging up players who will be successful over the long haul. Granted,  hockey crystal balls don’t exist but if you make smart pickups with substantiated data to back it up, more often than not you will succeed. Like with all statistics, hockey stats are about trends. When you have the big picture and know what to look for, it is a crucial step on picking up a player well before your vulnerable and soon-to-be-crushed competition has even heard of them.


“Who the hell is this guy?”

1. Pedigree

Your potential free agent candidate now plays in the NHL. (Congrats! Things are warming up for you!) He didn’t just waltz into the coach’s office one day with incriminating photos of he and a local Denny’s waitress demanding a roster position. No sir, he actually earned it! Therefore, there must be a history of his play, right? Correct. Well before he got there,  and certainly well before your beady little eyes even saw his name, he was assessed by countless scouts and coaches. You are at the end of a very long line of people who had their hands all over him (reow). Why not leverage this? When a player comes onto your radar, it’s a necessary to look at his draft position. It’s an obvious but mandatory step. Was he a high first rounder? Check it. What was his prospect scouting report at the time? Check it. If there was high praise back then, you should start feeling a bit more excited. You’re on the right path!


Yeah I know about the classic retorts. “Hey Jay what about Zetterberg eh? He got drafted in the seventh!” or “Martin St.Louis was never drafted! I’m going to fight y