Capped – A Look at Bargain Goaltenders

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It can be difficult to find that goaltender who is going to produce big numbers without eating a big chunk of your cap space.  Generally, a goaltender who is firmly entrenched as a number one and can be counted on, year to year, for a solid GAA and SV%, is paid like one.  It’s extremely important to find a balance between your first and second goaltender.  There are goalies out there who face different situations that create a more risky situation, but provide value as they tend to be paid as one.  Saving two to three million dollars on a goalie such as Kari Lehtonen, who carries baggage like a Hilton, is a big risk, but one that can pay off and be the difference between a competitive team and simply showing up.


Below is a list of some of the better bargains in the NHL.  Jump on them while you can as goalies aren’t easy to come by and grabbing an under the radar goalie can pay large dividends in the future.



Pekka Rinne – The poster boy for bargain, Rinne excels in the defensive environment that is the Nashville Predators.  Much like the Pred’s goalies before him, Rinne can be counted on each year for top production.  Arguable the best of the goalies Nashville has produced, Rinne will consistently be at the top of all the goalie categories.  Never weak in GAA and SV%, Rinne is also a perennial leader in the shutout department, averaging just over six for his career.  If Nashville can ever find the offence, Rinne immediately becomes one of the NHL’s elite, if you dare to argue that he isn’t already.


Cap Hit – $3,400,000/UFA 2012

Roto Strength – W/GAA/SV%/SO


Carey Price – Another one of the obvious, the 2011/12 season will be a big one in terms of the value Price will provide in the future to salary cap leagues.  As an RFA in 2012, Price’s cap hit could potentially join the upper echelon of goalies.  Most likely to be worth whatever he is paid, his present day value is much higher based on his sub-$3 million dollar cap hit and the ability to play him as your number two goalie.  One of the few goalies almost guaranteed to start 70 games, Price will continue to stack up the wins.  His GAA won’t be one of the best, but you can bet his SV% will be, much in part due to his game-stealing ability.  Price can be the first star on any given night, against any given team.  Look for his shutouts to once again be north of six, with the potential for ten.


Cap Hit – $2,750,000/RFA 2012

Roto Strength – W/SV%/SO


Jacob Markstrom – Even starting this year, Markstrom could be a great addition to a salary cap team as big time sleeper. Markstrom could be the starter in Florida by the end of the year.  Heck, he could unofficially be there by the quarter-mark.  At over 6’5, Markstrom has been heralded as one of the best up and comer’s for years now.  It’s all a matter of time before a much more consistent Steve Mason-esque season is in full production and it will pay to be a part of it.  Consider this Markstrom’s breakout year, and Florida his team from then on out.  As a bonus, Markstrom’s cap hit is bound to be fantastic for the next five years.  Go Panthers.


Cap Hit – $1,300,000/RFA 2013

Roto Strength – SV%


Jaroslav Halak – Not that Halak has done anything to warrant any positive attention ever since his post-playoff move to St. L