Kris Versteeg vs. Joffrey Lupul

steve laidlaw




It is November 16 guys. Think on that for a moment. Not counting the days off, there are 144 days left in the season. We have yet to even reach the quarter mark so the fate of your fantasy team is far from sealed. If you are one of the lucky few to have come out of the gates flying, soak it up but do not get complacent. Likewise, if your team looks out of it now, chin up.


Take a real hard look at your squad. Is it bad or just underperforming? Is it strong or just incredibly lucky? A good tool to help you analyze this is one such as the "MVP's" tool provided by Yahoo! It outlines which players are owned by the highest percentage of teams winning their pool, across all Yahoo! leagues. This is handy because it can help you read a little further into your success or failures. The third MVP across all Yahoo! H2H leagues is Daniel Sedin, meaning up until this point he has been the best value out of players selected in the first round. You normally see a great number of first round talents among the MVP's but only D. Sedin sits among the top 10 (depending on how you feel about goalies).


If your high picks are not on the MVP's list then do not fret. Time is the greatest equalizer and these guys will be at or near the top by season's end. If, on the other hand, you find a great number of your late round picks and waiver wire snags on this list then maybe you should be plotting your next move. While some of these surprise players stick around all year (think Tim Thomas last year and probably Jamie Benn this year), most will not. The cream always seems to rise to the top and when it does, you best not be clinging to your scraps while they drown at the bottom.


In this week's Cage Match I've selected two MVP's that everyone and their mother knows won't keep it up. It's Joffrey Lupul vs. Kris Versteeg in a race to the bottom, or in this case, the waiver wire.


All kidding aside, Lupul and Versteeg do still have value. After all, they are on that MVP's list. You do not get there for doing nothing. The only way that would be true is if every league champion somehow had the same sick sense of humour and drafted one of Clayton Stoner, Jonathan Cheechoo or Ilya Kovalchuk to sit on their bench. So while you should be hocking them like a toaster oven on late night TV, you also don't want to throw either of them away. But here is the rub; if given the choice which one should you choose?


Obviously neither one is an 80-point player, as their respective paces currently suggest. A quick glance at their three-year averages gives us the picture of a depth scorer, not a first line stud.