December 01, 2011

Jeff Angus



Thoughts on the Boudreau hiring coming in a few hours.


Milan Hejduk had a multi-point game and is now on pace for over 25 goals and close to 60 points. He’s not the same player he once was, but his production at this stage of his career is pretty impressive.


The Boudreau hiring is very interesting. as Dobber said, I’ll have a full breakdown of it later on today. Just heading out the door to work.


Stefan Elliott scored a goal last night and now has three points in three NHL games.


Ryan O’Reilly is having by far his best offensive season. He already has 17 points (mostly assists), and could reach 55-60 by the end of the season. He’s playing more of a defensive role, but he’s playing a lot (almost 18 minutes per game) and he’s a really strong player in all areas of the game. If he starts to see more consistent offensive minutes in the near future, expect his production to really increase.


The Minnesota Wild continue to win with an unheralded defensive group – their top four last night featured Schultz, Scandella, Spurgeon, and Mike Lundin.


The Nuge and Eberle both had two points. Eberle has been really, really good over the past few weeks, and the Nuge has been great all season.


The writing was on the wall here – the Ducks fired Randy Carlyle and hired Bruce Boudreau as their new head coach. Strange that it came after a win, but I’m sure they were just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s with BB. Angus will break this down later today. – Dobber



The Bobby Ryan stuff is fascinating to me. For a team in trouble, I fail to see how trading away a three time 30-goal scorer with so much upside and a reasonable contract will help at all (unless a team overpays).


As we have seen time and time and time again, the team getting the best player usually wins the trade (Thornton to SJ, Pronger to EDM, Pronger to ANA, Pronger, to PHI, jeez, sensing a theme here?). Ryan may not be a defensive stud or anything, but he’s far from a one-trick pony. He can create offense in a variety of ways.


The Ducks do need depth on defense and forward, but there are other ways to to it (patience, good drafting and development). Trading away Ryan – not only that, but selling low too – just doesn’t seem to be the best course of action to me.


Teams that make the most sense – Toronto, NYR, and Nashville. Philadelphia is in every single trade rumor, but I don’t see the fit there. Same with Vancouver, especially after just acquiring Booth from Florida.


Hal Gill owner/owners can rejoice with his impressive 11 blocked shots last night.


Six points combined for Getzlaf and Perry against the Habs – much needed, especially for the former.


I have been enjoying some of the fresh blood on TSN, most notably Aaron Ward and Alyn McCauley.


Had my first shave in a month yesterday – was surprised and impressed with my moustache after 30 days. I'd rate myself somewhere in between Parros and Crosby. Managed to raise some money for prostate cancer too, so I wasn't looking like a creepy idiot for nothing.


Magnus Paajarvi has one point in 20 games. I don't care if he's lining up with Darcy Hordichuk and Darcy Hordichuk's clone for every single shift – simply not good enough.


The Lightning signed Hedman to a typical second contract – five years at a $4 million cap hit. Overpaid for now with the hope