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Justin Goldman


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Like a bolt of lightning, a Fantasy Darkhorse charges out of the quiet night and right onto your league's battlefield. With raw potential and hidden talent, this powerful stallion lifts your fantasy hockey team off the ground, transforming it into a lethal weapon.


These hidden gems are just waiting to be uncovered, so I scout the league every week, and then provide you with a list of NHL or AHL goalies that are flying under the radar. Using the Alteration Marks from my NHL Depth Charts, I help you determine your favorite Darkhorse's momentum, allowing you to harness their power in order to help you rule your pool! Below is some information on the new feature, which you can download weekly on GoaliePost.


WHAT IS A DARKHORSE? We define a Darkhorse as any goalie that is barely recognized as being a fantasy value, but has the hidden traits to be great. They are usually owned in a very small number of Yahoo! Fantasy leagues. They are the ones nobody expects to generate any fantasy value, but have the hidden traits to accomplish such a feat.


WHY SCOUT DARKHORSES? We scout them because poolies are always looking for an edge. By the time other sources learn a goalie has gone from a no-name to a somebody, we have you covered three steps ahead of everyone else. Whether by injury, fate, or unique circumstances, Darkhorses are revealed and made available numerous times a year. We help you secure the one that gives you the boost needed to dominate and develop your fantasy team.


WHERE ARE DARKHORSES FOUND? Darkhorses are often found backing up workhorses, or starters that might be displaying signs of inconsistency. They are goalies designated to ride the pine unless an injury occurs. They are the valued third-string goalies that have the potential to latch on to an NHL team and never turn back. They are the Calder Trophy candidates. They are found in almost every NHL organization.


WHEN DO DARKHORSES APPEAR? Darkhorses appear at any given moment in time. There is no rhyme or reason to when they might join the battle. New Darkhorses often appear due to other more established goalies suffering from injury, weak performance, or a fall from grace.

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WHO ARE THE BEST DARKHORSES? Our scouting efforts revealed that the best Darkhorses right now are those that have played very few NHL games. Due to a lack of exposure, very few people understand their true value in an NHL uniform. They're just over the horizon, attempting to prove they're capable of being full-time NHL puck-stoppers. The most impressive Darkhorses right now are neck and neck with each other: Curtis Sanford and Al Montoya.


HOW TO READ THE FEATURE: Each Darkhorse is updat