I Like… Big… Busts and I Cannot Lie (West 2011)

Ryan Ma




Plenty of "busts" so far this campaign. Let’s discuss a few that have caught my attention and see if a deviation is expected or are things going to remain status quo to drive you further insane.


Corey Perry – RW – Anaheim

Heading into the season, there were plenty of warning signs about snagging Perry high at the draft table. He was, on average, drafted at position 4.8 in Yahoo! leagues, which has left a sour taste in many poolies mouths. The problem is there were plenty of tell-tale signs (shooting percentage, team PP efficiency and past numbers), that he wasn't going to repeat his performance from last campaign, which was unfortunately ignored by many. Maaaasquito Buzz: The best thing that Perry owners can hope for is that newly hired coach Bruce Boudreau can somehow right the ship in Anaheim and return him back to his old scoring ways. As a best case scenario, I'd expect something around 55-60 points in the remaining 56 contests for an end of year total right around the 80-point mark but don't expect anything more.


Bobby Ryan – RW/LW – Anaheim

Much like Perry, Ryan was also highly sought after at the draft table, with an average draft position of 12.4 in Yahoo! leagues. The biggest concern for me was that he was being majorly over-reached in the first place. His 71 points last campaign was a career-high, which kind of leaves me scratching my head as to why he was taken well ahead of "safer" options like Anze Kopitar or Patrick Kane. Granted he was a LW (which was pretty shallow in terms of high-end production at the time), but judging by the amount of forum posts regarding Ryan, that huge gamble certainly haven't paid off for those who took the leap of faith. Maaaasquito Buzz: As stated above, the rest of the season production for Ryan will largely hinge on what BB is able to do with the Ducks. If he can turn Anaheim into the 3.82 offense of Washington from 2009, then Ryan and Co. could be valuable fantasy owns, but if he can't then Ryan could be a major fantasy flop this campaign. If I were a Ryan owner, I'd certainly toss a line out and milk the BB acquisition to the best of my ability and sell him for more stable production.


Jarome Iginla – RW- Calgary

After starting 2011-12 with just 10 points in his first 21 contests, Iggy has picked up five in his last four starts. If you read my