Injury troubles. Ugh.

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Jordan Staal



It happens to virtually every fantasy team in every format. Injury issues. It can force some tough decisions.




"Hey Chris,


I really like reading you on Sunday mornings, great stuff well written.


My team slipped to 2nd place this week (in part due to Ward’s poor play) in a H2H league, offensive scoring categories being  G,A,P,+/-,PPP and GWG and goaltending categories being W,GAA,Sv% and  SHO. My goaltending is good with Lundqvist, Backstrom and Ward so I’m not worried on this front. However, I have two issues with my team.


First issue is with my defensemen. Because of injuries to Pronger and  Visnovsky (dropped Pronger and put Visnovsky on IR), I am currently rolling with Edler, Subban, Kaberle and Whitney. I picked up Kaberle

Friday when he was traded. I am unimpressed, to say the least, with Subban and Whitney. FAs include Pietrangelo, Kronwall, Shattenkirk, Quincey, Goligoski, Corvo, Bieksa, Leddy, Hamuis, Del Zotto, Carle and  the likes. Do I make a move or stay pat?


My other issue is with injuries/unproductive players. I currently have Giroux and J.Staal DTD, M.Richards, Visnovsky and Stastny on IR (only 2 IR slots so Statsny is on the bench). Staal has gone 5 games without  a point and is now injured. I also have Chris Stewart not helping me  much. I am wondering if a move should be made on this as well. FAs  include Prospal, Parenteau, Moulson, Jokinen, Cole, Krejci. I am leaning on hanging on to Staal but maybe drop Stewart. Would you agree? Also, any news on Stastny? Is it worth hanging on to?


Many thanks Chris!"


Chris: Thanks for reading Jasmin.


Alright. Let's tackle the D first. I think Kaberle's arrival may help Subban, but you don’t count PIM or SOG so you have less of a need to be patient with Subban in general. Whitney? Given your FA options, I'd punt him for now. He had such a long layoff and while he will come around (and will look good doing it with EDM's developing talent), I'd say you could look elsewhere for now.


Shocked as I find myself to write it given the options there, I'd actually recommend Del Zotto for the time being. He's a regular on PP1 with no real competition there and has been producing really well over the past few weeks. Shattenkirk might be the best guy for that second open spot. Good mix of points and the potential for a decent +/- and in a position to succeed.


And DTD especially can kill you in H2H, without a doubt. Staal's injury doesn't seem to be a big deal. No Giroux update as I write this, but we may know more today or tomorrow. Stastny doesn't really seem to have a timeline, but given your situation I'd have no issu