Expert’s Audit – December, 2011 edition

Ian Fergusson




Welcome back!  If you're interested in getting an audit for your own keeper team you can begin the process by emailing Dobber.


Did everyone read the previous line?  Seriously, read it if you're thinking of submitting your team for an audit. Stephen Pulham didn't read it and then I had to go get Dobber's go ahead in order to work with the guy for the month. You know what happens to the guy who can't follow instructions on the ice though eh? He watches the game from the press box. Despite that first hiccup I managed to yell at Stephen and pretty soon he was "yes sir'ring" his way to an audit. Not really, I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm the bastard I pretty much am anyway.


Stephen is a Vancouver boy who plays in a 12 team H2H keep 13 cash league that he has only won once in a decade or so. He has finished just out of the money for each of the last 3 seasons. When I came on the scene he was sitting in 5th place and I'm pleased to say that after a month of H2H matchups he had moved up to a solid 3rd place. The cats for the league are G, A, PPP, PIM, + -, and SOG for skaters and W, GAA, SV, and SV% for goalies.


Without further ado let's look at St. Louis Blues.


C Patrice Bergeron BOS – the best season of his career was way back in '05-06 where he was nearly a pt/game but he also had over 3.8 SOG/game. He hasn't come anywhere near that many SOG/game and I truly believe that's been the difference in his production. This season he sits at 2.6 SOG/game and I don't believe he'll return to elite point production until he gets that average over three for a season.


C Martin Hanzal PHX – anybody else keep hearing Bugs Bunny in their head going "Hansel? Haaaansel?" The fact that I got to write that sentence is the only reason why I'd want to include him in this article. I can't believe he's the best Yotes C, he's just .. a little boy lost in the woods who gets trapped in a witch's house and served up for supper. See what I did there? If you didn't then let me be more clear, turf this guy.


C Henrik Sedin VAN – interesting that a Vancouver boy has Hank on his team. Yeah, I think maybe that's on purpose.


LW Daniel Sedin V