Staal & Nash – Are They Worth It?

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Nash and Staal


Both Rick Nash and Eric Staal are top-end talents with the ability to provide poolies with elite rotisserie production. We have seen big season’s from both players; multiple 40-goal seasons from Nash and a 100-point season from Staal. While neither may ever be point-per-game players in the future, 70-points with the solid peripherals label both of these players as accountable fantasy providers. But do their massive contracts make them obsolete in a salary cap league?


Even if they don’t hit their upside each year, one can justify owning Crosby, Malkin or Ovechkin based on what they could potentially do. Getting that high end production in the right year can be the difference between a top finish and winning your pool. These players have proven that they can produce points without any help from their teammates and their peripherals are among the best as well. Both Nash and Staal are big, talented players with the potential to carry their team on any given night, but lack the upside and ability of the aforementioned "Big Three."


Below, I take a look at their scoring statistics over a five year period and compare them to the three highest payed players in the NHL. This will put some perspective on their value, and if they can be considered efficient point-producers in a cap league. It’s important to note that any season under 65 games played considers pace, and the five year average includes this year’s pace as well.



Cost per goal avg

Cost per assist avg

Cost per point avg

Eric Staal




Rick Nash




Alex Ovechkin




Sidney Crosby