Cammalleri Back to Calgary

Jeff Angus





Fantasy Impact: Montreal shipped out the underachieving Mike Cammalleri (along with KHL goaltender Kari Ramo and a 5th round pick) to Calgary in exchange for winger Rene Bourque, prospect Patrick Holland, and a 2nd round pick.


The Canadiens get: A solid two-way forward who should be counted on for 25+ goals each season. Bourque skates well and he has a nose for the net. Like Cammalleri, his effort level has been up and down a bit this season. Holland is a prospect with limited upside. He could make the NHL as a depth scorer or as a checker.


The Flames get: Calgary is reuniting the band (again). Cammalleri will improve the team a lot right now, but is Calgary in a position to be adding salary? Cammalleri makes $6 million per seeason, about $3 million more than Bourque. He has had previous success in Calgary, and it will be interesting to see how he does on his second tour.


I don't see a huge difference between Bourque and Cammalleri right now. But if Calgary is receiving the 39-goal Cammalleri from 2008-09, this trade could be a big win for them. They are essentially taking a $3 million gamble that Cammalleri can rekindle his scoring touch of a few seasons ago.


Fantasy Players Impacted:

This move is probably good for both players. A new environment, new responsibilities, and new expectations. Bourque is a solid second line winger and should slot in nicely alongside Plekanec or Gomez (depending on how Montreal's lines shape up). When he is on his game, he is skating hard, shooting the puck a lot, and going to the net with regularity. When he isn't, he is a perimeter player who doesn't accomplish a whole lot.


Cammalleri is a shooter and would excel with a playmaker on his line (although he can move the puck as well).


A potential line could see Cammalleri skating on the left side with Backlund and Iginla. Jokinen probably wouldn't fit there as he is a shoot-first player. Only one puck to go around. Or Calgary could keep the red hot Glencross-Jokinen-Iginla line together, and put Cammalleri with Backlund and a winger like Stempniak. Some options exist.


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