Top 100 Roto Players – January, 2012

Gates Imbeau





January’s Roto Guide undergoes a New Year’s clean up and breaks away from the lone Roto Score column. This time around, the Top 100 features a current on-pace Roto Score as well as a Potential Roto Score based on career performance.  By doing so, readers get the best of both worlds – a more accurate month-to-month representation as well as the player’s peak rotisserie abilities.


This month also features a fantastic tag team piece by two juggernaut contributors on DobberHockey’s forum as well as the Black Aces’ Studs & Duds.  Brandon Cheung (B0ndon) deliver their take on current trending teams. This series boot-up inevitably inspired the theme of this month’s edition.

Also included in the PDF is the latest from Brandon Landry (30/30) as well as a piece based on tidbits compiled from a short survey sent to DobberHockey members, writers and contributors. This edition also makes for a great precursor to February’s trade value and deadline day preparation edition.

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