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This month, Brian Kom speaks with…


This month, the Tampa Tribune's Erik Erlendsson joins me to try and figure out who the real Tampa Bay Lightning are, and throws around some names of the key players and prospects who might be in GM Steve Yzerman's five-year plan. After that, Brian will take you through a group of the hottest young players from October and November, and analyze whether they've wilted or held steady since then, with some fantasy suggestions thrown in for good measure.

And finally, Dobber and Angus hop on in their finest evening wear to distribute the first ever audio version of the Dobbie Awards, given to the NHLers whose fantasy lines are begging for recognition this year. Together, they hand out trophies for the biggest letdown, most pleasant surprise, second-half risers and crashers, and more.


Click here to listen to the January 25, 2012 edition of Dobber Nation!


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