January 31, 2012

Dobber Sports



Goldie Says: Here’s my first completed Starting Goalie Rating Index. I had a lot of fun doing this for all 13 games tonight and I can’t wait to see how everything goes down! Learn about my new free SGRI fantasy tool here. My eyes are mainly on Dubnyk and Varlamov tonight -big games for both young tendys!


The Pens have recalled 25-year-old Colin McDonald from the AHL. I doubt he gets the ice time/ scoring line, but if he does then he bears watching. He has 54 goals and 42 assists in his last 121 AHL games. I’m always watching these AHL stars in their mid-20s for the next Matt Moulson or PA Parenteau… long shots, but I like to keep them on my radar so that if they do step up in a year or two, I can feel more comfortable about knowing their background.


I addressed my SJ statement early on in the comments section, but there have been so many comments that my comment has been buried and now people are starting to ask the same question again. So I’ll just state it here. Just some poor wording on my part. San Jose winning the Cup? Nope. Cup contender, as in Final Four? Yep. They get to that point often and I think they’ll bow out in the semi-finals once again.


Why do I feel as though Chicago is not a Cup contender? They won it recently. Great team. A born winner in Toews. Hell, a born winner in Bolland. MVP-type of year from Hossa. Kane, Keith, Seabrook… So why? I don't have an answer. Same goes for the Rangers and Kings. Great teams. I don't know why I don't see a Cup. Yet Pittsburgh, Detroit, San Jose, Vancouver and Boston are all teams that I do see going to the Final. Just instinct? Or is it just that I'm used to those teams being successful and I'm unable to add any 'new' teams to that list until they are successful too? The Psychology of Fantasy Hockey 101. Or is that philosophy?


So Gary Bettman has backed the shootout again. I'm not against it. I just don't understand why they don't go 10 minutes of OT first. Never understood it, even when they announced it would be five. And to me, no more loser point. If you lose in the shootout, you get zero. You know what that would do? Make teams try harder to win in OT rather than flip a coin with a shootout. It may even make teams dress a "shootout specialist", give him 10 minutes of ice time in a game… just on the one in 20 chance of a shootout (shootouts would be down to just a few per season due to the 10 minutes and the no loser point).


Top draft pick Nail Yakupov will miss the CHL/NHL Top Prospects Game due to his knee injury. Won't impact his status as the top guy next summer. Game time is 7pm Wednesday.


A lot of rookies/players were sent to the AHL prior to the five-day break to get in some action and save some cap space. A whole slew of them were called back up Monday.  Of interest – Mark Bell (Anaheim), Riley Nash (Carolina), David Savard (Columbus), Philip Larsen (Dallas), Matt Taormina and Jacob Josefson (New Jersey), Rhett Rakhshani and Kevin Poulin (Islanders), Cody Eakin (Washington).


Of note, Jimmy Hayes has not yet been recalled by Chicago, indicated that Patrick Sharp and/or Jonathan Toews will indeed be back. The official word is that Sharp is