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A message from Dobber about the 2012 NHL Trade Deadline (February 27, 2012 at 3pm ET).


I don’t claim to be the first to break the trade news. I never have. But I do claim to get a full fantasy analysis up of every trade within minutes of it being announced. I always have, since the site launched in 2005. We don’t break the news on DobberHockey – we break it down. For each deal that gets announced, you will get a report on the players impacted by the move, plus a list of players it helps – in order; and a list of players it hurts – in order. You get instant feedback from myself or from Angus to help you make a roster decision for your fantasy squad.


Now that we are in the age of Twitter, this becomes even more important. No one site will ever be the fastest for all deals – except Twitter. Twitter gathers, in 140 characters or less, all the inside scoops from the best in the business. Who is better than Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger? Why – Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger, Kevin Allen, Craig Custance, Aaron Portzline, Andy Strickland, Elliott Friedman, Greg Wyshynski, Spector’s Hockey, Jeff Marek, Bruce Garrioch, James Mirtle…I could go on… all feeding info into a newsfeed. If you want it quick, no website will beat Twitter for quick.



But if you want a speedy, but very thorough analysis –


come to DobberHockey.




Here is the section where you can find all of our archived NHL trade analysis. (including the last several deadlines – the proof is in the pudding) Click here for all the trade breakdowns from a fantasy hockey standpoint




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