Expert’s Audit – February, 2012 edition

Ian Fergusson




Welcome back to An Expert's Audit.  Every month we'll take a look at a reader's keeper league team in the hopes of helping him toward a championship.  If you're interested in getting an audit for your own keeper team you can begin the process by emailing Dobber about it.


Ryan G plays is a Pens fan who plays in a 24 team salary cap fantasy point league where salaries are based on actual NHL salaries with renewable contracts as each season wears on.  The fantasy point setup is G (1), A (1), P (.25), GWG (3), PIM (.25), +/- (.25) and W (4), SHO (5), Saves (.1) and GA (-1).  As a contract expires in this league it would need to be resigned according to the cap hit of the player and that would make for some interesting negotiations if you have a contract that needs to be resigned but no room under the cap to get it done.


At any rate, let's take a look at Pittsburgh Penguins on the day I arrived.


C Claude Giroux PHI – he was leading the scoring race for a chunk of time before Gino realized he could like, do some stuff since Sid wouldn't be around for awhile.  After a brief lull in goal production he appears to be right back on top of the world.  The kid's a rock star.

C Evgeni Malkin PIT – at some point Gino realized he could like, do some stuff since Sid wouldn't be around for awhile. Wow, did you guys get this déjà vu thing like I just did?

C Dustin Jeffrey PIT – well in truth this guy is on your roster simply because you needed a contract that could fit under your cap.  There's virtually no fantasy value here at all.

C Brandon Sutter CAR – he's a Sutter, he's not going to be a scorer but if you need some gritty in the corner work or a decent forecheck then look no further.

W David Jones COL – I think a best case scenario is that he's a solid citizen in the neighbourhood of 20 goals a season.  Last year's 27 goals might just be a career high.

W Bryan Little WPG – in '08-09 he had a 31 goal, 51 point season and he hasn't come anywhere close to that since then.  The Jets are goal starved and this guy takes 2 shots per game.  He'll never be at the fore of your offense and if you can find good return then he's a decent trade chip.

W Matt