Top Five Salary Cap Forwards – Number Five

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The fifth best salary cap forward to own is an easy pick. Henrik Sedin is a player who could have been ranked anywhere from the second slot up thanks to incredible consistency and point production. It’s only a lack of goal production and shots on goal that keep him from ranking in the top two.


Art Ross, iron man, captain consistency; all terms used to describe Henrik Sedin. All of which are descriptors you want in a player on your fantasy roster. As I’ve stated before, accountability is huge in the fantasy world and his consistency is one of the biggest reasons that Hank is more valuable than most might think at first glance, in leagues that count peripheral stats.


Hank doesn’t shoot. In turn, he doesn’t score – at least not very much. Goals is the toughest category to fill in fantasy leagues and Henrik’s value takes a hit due to his lack of, as well as low shots on goal totals.


Where Henrik makes up for lowly peripherals is in the assist department, a category in which he has led the league often enough to be considered the best playmaker currently in the league. Assists may be the easiest category to fill with all the secondary assists handed out, but Henrik obliterates the competition over the last five years with 325. That’s a monstrous 41-assist lead over his closest competitor in Joe Thornton who also was once, arguably, the best set-up man in the game.


Sedin FP


Important to note is that the majority of Henrik’s assists are primary assists (a league leadin 190) which account for 58% of his total. Elite set-up men like St. Louis, Thornton, Datsyuk, Malkin and Kane all hover around the 60% mark, typically the 58%-64% range. Sidney Crosby, Hanks greatest competition as best playmaker, appears to be at the top of the elite with a 66% rate when healthy.


Speaking of health, take a look at how many games Henrik has played in comparison to the other names on the above list. As one of the league’s iron men, Hank has played more games than anyone on this list. One may argue that this doesn’t make him a "better" player than the others as point-per-game is a great way to consider a players value, but I’ll take the guy who plays in every game when his ratios are comparable.









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