May 08, 2012

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Claude Giroux is suspended for Game 5 – an elimination game. Not surprised, in fact that's what I said he'd get. Flyers fans hate Shanahan, but let's face it the hit was late. And if you have a rule – "you can't use the 'well Player X got away with it last week, so Player Y has to get away with it too' excuse" – then you know it was the right call.


But as with many 'superstar out of the lineup' situations, I think the Flyers win without him. Just like the Devils without Kovalchuk and the Preds without Radulov (the first time).


Hey, what did I tell ya? What have I been saying? Check out this headline "Even at 40, all Martin Brodeur does is win playoff games". The Devils are winning the games, Brodeur is stealing zero of them. But as I keep saying – the legends get free accolades long after they stop being deserved. And as the 22-save wins pile up, the headlines will write themselves.


Vancouver GM Mike Gillis has signed a contract extension, but was tight-lipped about the length. As if he'll go through that entire contract and the media and public will never find out when it is to end. The games people play…


The NHL has reached a "preliminary agreement" to sell the Coyotes to a group headed by Greg Jamison. Details of the sale are here, and if the Coyotes were eliminated first round we wouldn't be hearing about this now.


Toronto prospect Leo Komarov is talking about coming to North America next season. The Finnish forward had 24 points and 58 PIM in 46 KHL games. Not very impressive, but the leading scorer on his team only had 29. He's a possible third liner with potential 30-point, 90+ PIM numbers.


If this story turns out correct and Joel Quenneville does become coach of the Habs, look for Carey Price to be worth his weight in gold. Again.


Take a look over at DobberProspects – Brendan Ross has some great musings on the Leafs, as well as other prospect talk. He and Rich Dillon have gone above and beyond with keeping the ramblings fresh over there.


The Caps were held to just 18 shots on Lundqvist. I know I'm hard on Brodeur for facing just a few shots and getting free wins… but Lundqvist is having a fairly easy time as well. If you count the triple OT game as two games, then he's averaging about 22 shots faced per game this series.


Marc Staal has three points in two games and five in the postseason. He had five in 46 regular season games. He's found his stride.


Chris Kreider is down to about seven minutes per game now. He's a minus-4 in the last four games, with zero points. The adrenalin rush is over…


Alex Semin hasn't scored in seven games now. That's 17 shots. He has just four points in 12 playoff games as he works his way towards a lucrative KHL con