Cage Match – The Rookie Tourney

steve laidlaw



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Steve Laidlaw takes a look at the NHL’s best rookies.


During the lockout I'd hatched this fantastic scheme – if the season were to be cancelled I would put together the first ever Cage Match Prospects Tournament. There were a ton of fantastic prospects tearing apart their respective leagues. Following a strong 2012 draft class as well as several of the best international prospects having waited a few years before coming to North America there was an absolute glut of talent waiting to break into the league. That tournament would have been bananas but instead we have to suffer through this shortened NHL season and one of the best rookie classes in memory. Thanks a lot, Bettman.


So in lieu of the first ever Cage Match Prospects Tournament and in celebration of this fantastic rookie class we shall instead have the first ever Cage Match Rookie Tournament. For simplicity's sake and because of my bias towards defensemen (I really hate those fickle bastards) the field has been limited to just forwards. Now before you go and cry yourself to sleep in your Justin Schultz jersey I have to acknowledge that Schultz is my personal favourite to win the Calder this year, which is all the more reason to lock him out of the cage – that's right, another lockout, suck it defensemen.


For those of you unfamiliar with the Cage Match Tournament process, it is really quite simple. There's a bracket (see below) made up of players that have been ranked to determine the matchups. It's up to you, DobberHockey reader, to cast your vote for a winner in each individual matchup based on certain criteria to determine who moves on to the next round with one player eventually being declared champion.

So what are these criteria beyond; don't be a defenseman?


You also can't be a goalie. Sorry, but you already had yours and frankly you spend far too much time ruining our lives anyhow. Be gone goaltenders!


The only other criterion is to vote based on a points-only keeper league with a couple of caveats. The first caveat is for all you perpetual rebuilders – production now matters so please do not write it off and base your vote purely on potential. Potential is nice but it's won exactly zero championships ever. The second caveat is that positions don't matter. If