February 18, 2013

Dobber Sports


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I’m back from my vacation. I didn’t lose money in Vegas, so I guess that’s technically a win. The most devastating thing to happen to me there was finding out about Erik Karlsson. And that’s including the fact that I drove to Buffalo, flight delays cost me missing the connection, and having my flight moved back to Toronto for the next morning. That Karlsson news is devastating. And I don’t even own him. Well, I own him in a one-year league, but I have my heart invested in my three keepers. But it’s devastating because I feel for all you guys. To me, Erik Karlsson is the Sidney Crosby of defensemen. Nobody is close.

I know we said that about Mike Green, and we only got two years out of him. But were it not for injuries, we would be saying the same about Green still. At this point, Karlsson is not a Band-Aid Boy, so his high production will be sustained for years – until I see different.


So what’s my biggest Fantasy Guide whiff? Alex Ovechkin? Dustin Brown? Gustav Nyquist? I had a lot of hits this year, but I’m not seeing enough chatter about the misses. I guess that means nobody is too surprised? In the case of LA, the team isn’t scoring. I guess the offense only shows up for the postseason?


Another thing that has jumped out at me after being out of the loop for a week is – goaltenders. Are you kidding me? Viktor Fasth, Petr Mrazek and Jake Allen are suddenly in the mix – and Fasth has continued his surge that he was on before I left.

Mrazek has made Gustavsson irrelevant. Gustavsson gets his chances and has the upside…but gets hurt at the worst times. Happens all the time, careers stall before they even start. Not saying Gustavsson is done for good, but if he doesn’t stay healthy in the final two months I can’t see him getting another NHL contract. Meanwhile, Mrazek is the new Jimmy Howa