Between the Lines – Boyes, Tlusty, McGinn and more

Chris Wassel




Looking at some of the hot line combinations of the past week…

It was a crazy week full of injuries including a huge one in Ottawa, where Erik Karlsson is out for the season with a lacerated Achilles. The injury count is up over 100 and in a shortened season, these lines and pairings are tearing it up. Let's go "Between The Lines".


Forward March……

Brad BoyesMatt MoulsonJohn Tavares (NY Islanders) — We were not kidding when we said John Tavares is a superstar in this league and the shortened season is proving it true. Tavares had an eight point week as the Islanders first line piled up 19 points (Matt Moulson had four assists and seven points) while together which is a high for any seven day period this fantasy season. This line has been more consistent so far and with a favorable set of games this week, a very productive one is likely. It is nice when your star player has six goals in seven days.

Jiri TlustyEric StaalAlex Semin (Carolina) — I warned people last week that this line can bring home the bacon. They had 12 points when paired together but the pleasant surprise was Jiri Tlusty, who had five goals and two assists in Week 4. Semin and Staal can be catalysts but if Tlusty can keep his head on straight he may have the ability to score 30 or even 40 goals in this league. The power forward ability is there but it has to be harnessed properly. So far it is working as Carolina has had