Category Killers – Part 1 (Hits and Blocked Shots)

Rick Roos





Category Killers – Part 1 (Hits and Blocked Shots)

If you read my Frustration Meter column from last week, one of the types of frustrating players I highlighted was the Category Killer, which is someone who drags your team down by doing major damage in at least one category. Sometimes it's easy to tell when you have a category killer, like if he's doing poorly in something major like goals, assists, or a widely reported category like plus/minus. But most leagues nowadays count one or more secondary categories, where it might be harder to actually notice the effects of a category killer.


So for the next couple of weeks I'll run through these secondary categories and list some of the worst "category killers" from last season and see how they're doing so far in 2012-13. And as usual, I'll offer a "Final Verdict", which in this case will be what to do if you find yourself with one of these secondary category killers on your roster.


The Hits Killers and Blocked Shots Killers

In leagues where hits and blocked shots are counted, we know that not every fantasy team can assemble a roster full of players (like Dan Girardi, Brent Seabrook, Ryan Callahan, or David Backes) who not only give you solid offense, but also excel in both of these categories.  But you still can do yourself a favor by being aware of which guys will really hurt your team in these categories. That way you can either avoid drafting them, or compensate for having them on your team by balancing their lack of production with other guys who give you above-average numbers.



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