Cage Match Rookie Tournament – Week 3

steve laidlaw



Granlund vs. Galchenyuk, Huberdeau vs. Conacher – and more in the Cage Match Rookie Tournament

It is now Week 3 of the Cage Match Rookie Tournament and we are already off to the second round. Things are moving fast up in here! Week Two brought a lot more excitement to the table than Week One, likely because the Ovechkin Bracket was the deeper of the two brackets. Let's see what went down.


#1 Jonathan Huberdeau over #8 Marcus Foligno – 75 votes to 3 votes

It's nice to see the pity vote is still in effect.

#2 Vladimir Tarasenko over #7 Chris Kreider – 71 votes to 3 votes

There was an argument made that Kreider received a bad draw here. Actually, it wasn't an argument but merely a statement and while it wasn't technically wrong to state that Kreider received a bad draw by having to face the juggernaut that is Tarasenko in round one, I fail to see how Kreider really deserved to be ranked higher. He's Blake Wheeler 2.0. See you in five years Chris, when you are worthy.

#6 Jakob Silfverberg over #3 Damien Brunner – 33 votes to 41 votes

I normally love upsets but this one makes me shake my head in disbelief. It's literally upsetting me. I suppose it's true that most people cast their votes prior to Brunner's four-point outburst on Sunday but that still hardly explains all the love for Silfverberg who has accomplished what amounts to three-fifths of two-thirds of bugger-all this season.

Remember that caveat that winning now matters? Apparently not.

Is Silfverberg's upside really so high that it grants him exceptional status over a better producing player simply because that player is older? I think not.

And then there's this article singing the praises of Brunner that showed up on just as I was writing this up… *Sigh*

You know, I have half a mind to bust out my veto powers on this except I don't actually have