Team Audit – February, 2013

Ian Fergusson




Welcome back to An Expert's Audit.  Every month we'll take a look at a reader's keeper league team in the hopes of helping him toward a championship.  If you're interested in getting an audit for your own keeper team you can begin the process by emailing Dobber about it.


Hugo Twigg and I got along fairly well despite the fact that he's a Habs fan and I'm a Leafs fan.  Just so long as we avoided slagging the other guy's team we were ok.  Hugo plays in a 16 team H2H fantasy point league that REALLY ups the value of defensemen.  He's the reigning champ thanks to a significant D corps to anchor a decent squad.  As is the case in any league though, repeating is a huge task.  The fantasy point scoring in this league includes: (Defense : G:7pts A:5pts PPG:3pts PPA:3pts), (Forwards: G:5 A:3 pts PPG:3pts PPA:2pts), (Goalies : 10 pts W / 5 pts SO, Saves: 0.2 GA: -1), ( All: 0.5 pts PIM, 0.1 FOW, 0.2 Hits, 0.3 pts SOG). 

Without further ado let's look at Quebec Nordiques.


F Zach Parise MIN – apparently you pronounce it Pa-ree-see.  Hmm, I've been saying it wrong all these years.  He's a top 3 shooter although the goals just aren't there yet.  I think the defensive system in Minny will hurt his value but with all the SOG's he puts up I also expect that the goal totals will be solid for the next few seasons.

F Vincent Lecavalier TB – he used to be a goals monster and he's now making up for it by all around slick play.  His offensive contributions in the first third of the season have surprised me but I chalk it up to the fact that he has so much other talent around him.

F Jonathan Huberdeau FLA – the next Eric Staal.  I heart Hubey.