Looking Ahead: Week 7

Bob Fisher



Sidney Crosby USA Today


The ‘Looking Ahead’ series helps you get the edge when setting your fantasy lineups.

A tough decision can be made easier with these charts showing you the best five and worst five schedules for upcoming seven-day periods. Some of you used them last year but for the benefit of new readers here is a refresher. The number next to the team indicates the ‘multiplier’ to use on a player’s point-per-game pace to give you an idea how many points to expect for that week.


Conference Bias


Our closest results so far when comparing the two conferences.  Nearly equal in the "Best Bets" section, we see Eastern Conference teams 18 times to the Western Conference's 17.  The "Steer Clear" was 20-15 in favor of the West.  So it seems like the schedule is leaning closer to even between the two conferences, but the East still has a slight advantage.


Southeastern Takeover

I had to make a decision this past week on who to drop on one of my rosters to activate a certain player.  I talked it over with a few people and we came to a unanimous decision to drop Tomas Fleischmann.  So what does he do?  He promptly goes out and puts up three points the next night.  That's not reason enough to play your Panthers this week, but it does give you an idea that the Panthers aren't nearly as bad as they've seemed.


Through all the bellyaches in South Florida about the proposed new re-alignment, the Panthers can enjoy the fact that their next few opponents give them the opportunity to get guys back on track, help improve Tomas Kopecky's Hall of Fame status and play Jose Theodore and Scott