March 08, 2013

Dobber Sports


The DobberBaseball Fantasy Guide is available and fully updated – fantastic work by Chris Goudey and the gang.


Some afternoon updates – Tim Sassone is reporting that Marian Hossa, Andrew Shaw and Michael Frolik will all be in the lineup for the Blackhawks. Which is good because this is a “must win” game for them. One more loss and they’ll have… one loss.

Ryan Getzlaf has signed a huge contract extension with the Ducks. He will be there for another eight years, at $8.25 million per. I guarantee that number would have been closer to $6.5 million were it not for this amazing start he’s having. So by playing extra well, he made himself $12 million minimum.

Ales Hemsky is out day-to-day with a bruised foot.

DobberBaseball writer Anatoliy Metter posted a piece today over at The Hockey Writers giving his thoughts on five defensemen to consider in fantasy hockey – here


Well, you’re stuck with me again as Jeff Angus recovers from an 11-hour train ride that should have arrived around midnight on the west coast. He’ll be back tomorrow.

Tough day Thursday, I can’t remember the last time I did four articles in a single day. But yeah, besides the Ramblings and my piece on Advanced Stats right here on the site, I also did:

The Hockey News – looking at how “luck” impacts a player’s stats – basically analyzing PDO’s that are far too high or low, digging deeper into just one aspect of the PDO (team on-ice shot percentage) and then from there musing about what to expect going forward.

Puck Daddy – my usual weekly piece.

All-in-all, it was a good 5000 words. Sprinkle in a 4-year-old with a fever and a 1-year-old with pink eye, and wow! Anyway, that Advanced Stats piece I wrote was actually going to go into the ramblings as an afternoon add-on, but I kind of got carried away.


Yesterday’s Draft Street contest – I had a kickass team. I know I had a kickass team when I picked it and had full confidence of a big night. And indeed I had a huge night… with nine of my players. But one player put a damper on things. Jacob Markstrom. He faced two shots, both went in, and was pulled at the 3:10 mark. Instead of cracking the Top 50, I was hovering around 200th with three players still to finish as I write this blurb.


Wojtek Wolski has found his rhythm. After scoring on March 5, he carried that into last night and posted a goal and two assists. He’s also plus-5 in his last three games