Evander Kane: Geek of the Week

Terry Campkin


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When building a fantasy hockey team, the only thing better than finding players with great value is finding players who provide great value AND have additional upside. Today I am going to profile a player who does exactly that: Evander Kane.



Last week in an article looking at Chris Kunitz, I outlined how a shrewd manager may have identified Kunitz as a great value pickup even before his monster point explosion this season. As a 60 point guy Kunitz was a great mid to late round pick-up in most leagues and with the increased production that he has shown this season he has been an absolute beast for those managers who targeted him. In many ways Evander Kane is like Kunitz pre-2013 (slightly better pedigree and more upside but similar in that he isn't a top point guy but has huge fantasy value). Here is a look at Kane's line from last season: