April 01 2013

Dobber Sports


The DobberBaseball Fantasy Guide is fully updated through today – and DobberBaseball broke a traffic record for March, topping 230,000 page views. Great work by Fred Poulin and Eamonn McCauley, who have really turned that site around with a great team – and of course Chris Goudey, who put together an awesome guide and stayed on top of it with updates.


Some great feedback on my Kessel musing…

My favorite, and the one that says it all – Jeff Angus’ and “HabsGuy” note that it was improper asset management, burning up cap space unnecessarily. And that’s what trumps all arguments that Kessel’s impressive numbers to date are enough to give the Leafs any kind of win here.

My least favorite argument – the Cup argument. Because I feel that the Bruins would have won the Cup with or without that trade happening.

My conclusion: If Toronto were to win the Cup this year and Kessel was either the Conn Smythe winner, or the runner up – then and only then could the Leafs even be considered as having pulled off an ‘even’ swap in this deal.


Some Flyers news – Max Talbot suffered a broken leg. And the Ryane Clowe to Philadelphia rumors are reaching a climax. Stay tuned…


I don’t know if Cam Atkinson‘s ankle is back to 100 percent, but he’s playing much better hockey – he’s back to being the best offensive player on the Jackets. This is what I saw in him before the season. Hell, it’s what I saw in him two years ago when he turned pro. I’m thrilled to have him in two keeper leagues and can’t wait to see what a full, healthy season will bring. He has five points in his last five games and is seeing about 17 minutes per game nowadays.


My patience has been paying off this season. Generally, I struggle with patience – as most of us hardcore fantasy owners do – because I’m so involved. If I see what a player is doing day in and day out, what seems like ‘sucking forever’ is really just a minor one-week slump. So I’ve been focusing on not trading guys in my keeper league, and just relaxing. Trust in my drafting. You can imagine how difficult that is when I drafted Atkinson, Jonas Brodin, and even Nikita Nikitin – who has points in three straight now and five of his last seven.

But most of all – it was getting Michael Frolik for next to nothing last summer in two leagues. In the shallower league, I was forced to drop him at the draft. But in the deeper league I hung in there. And just when I had reached the end of my rope – he gets placed on the top line in Chicago. The result has been four points in four games, but he’s looked very good doing it.