Looking Ahead: Week 12

Bob Fisher






Bob Fisher with his weekly look ahead at the schedules for the NHL’s 30 clubs.


* This article was written before NHL games took place on Thursday, April 4, 2013.


Conference Bias


Things have gotten back to normal now.  The East has reclaimed its title (although it is very close).  East has a slight edge in both Best Bets and Steer Clear with both having an 18-17 final score.  So it's pretty even this time around.



Fantasy Playoffs Week #1 (April 8 – April 14)


Since the majority of fantasy hockey H2H leagues have playoffs starting this coming Monday, I figured I'd focus on the teams that would maximize (and minimize) your potential for games played for the Monday to Sunday schedule.


Teams with four games: BOS, BUF, CGY, CAR, COL, STL, TB

Teams with two games: FLA, NJ, WPG

All the rest have three games


Teams to Target:


Boston (Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat)

Home: 2 (Carolina, Islanders)

Away: 2 (New Jersey, Carolina)

Their only game against a team with an average goals against of better than three is the Devils, on Wednes