Could the Canucks move Schneider and keep Luongo?

Michael Amato





Could the Canucks move Schneider and keep Luongo?

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. That's a classic proverb that I'm sure Vancouver Canucks general manager Mike Gillis doesn't want to hear at the moment. The trade deadline came and went and Roberto Luongo remains a Vancouver Canuck. It's certainly not for lack of effort on Gillis' part who has been trying to deal Luongo for what is quickly closing in on a calendar year.

The Canucks have been hoping that as time passes, Luongo would become a more attractive option for another NHL team. The 2012 draft gave way to free agency, but nothing occurred. After the lockout there was optimism that his services could be required for a team getting off to a slow start, but once again to no avail. The trade deadline was the last hope for the time being, but Vancouver remains stuck with two quality starters and only one net that needs filling.

For all the talk about trading Luongo, there hasn't been any talk about possibly moving Cory Schneider instead. Now logically, it probably wouldn't make sense to do so since Schneider is younger, signed to a cheaper more flexible contract, and many will argue better than Luongo. But the Canucks are running out of conventional options.

Vancouver could buy Luongo out over the summer, but that would cost the organization between $30 and $40 million and then he would be free to sign anywhere he wished. Good luck convincing an owner to spend all that money only to leave the door open for that player to come back and burn you with another team.

They could always just put him on waivers, but the odds of a team claiming him and that contract are slim, even without having to give anything up. However, if for some reason a team did decide to take the bait, the Canucks of course wouldn't get anything in return. You would think if they were going to do that they may be better off to eat