Looking Ahead: Week 13

Bob Fisher





Bob Fisher gets us primed for the stretch run – only two weeks to go!



* This article was written before NHL games took place on Thursday, April 11, 2013.


Conference Bias


Talk about a market correction.  For the past few weeks, the West has been close to or better than the East as far as "Best Bets" and "Steer Clears" are concerned.  Well this week, it went back to how it was early in the season, in favor of the East.  The East took both categories 24-11 over the West (meaning the West had 24 Steer Clears to the East's 11).  Time to stockpile those Eastern players for your fantasy playoffs!



Fantasy Playoffs Week #2 (April 15 – April 21)


Hopefully you are still alive in your H2H leagues and made it to the second round (or were lucky enough to have a bye).  Let's take a look at the upcoming Monday to Sunday schedule.


Teams with four games: BOS, CGY, CAR, CLB, DAL, FLA, MIN, MTL, NJ, NYR, OTW, PHI, SJ, STL, TOR, VAN

Teams with two games: DET, NSH

All the rest have three games