Saturday’s Picks – April 20, 2013

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Matt Duchene USA Today

Marty sets the table for the second to last Saturday of NHL action for 2013.


We didn’t do too shabby in our second to last week with the selections (going five for six). Still room for improvement, though.

Unfortunately Anthony couldn't sustain his amazing pace and got roughed up pretty badly only able to hang his hat on a Pens victory over the Panthers. I will plead Angus again to get rid of that ridiculous Photoshop of Nazem Kadri for this column. I would much prefer Matt Duchene (editor: ask and you shall receieve).


Speaking of Duchene, what a terrific year this kid has had and all of the different improvements he's made to his game, not to mention he's become a leader in the locker room without having a letter stitched on his jersey. Did you know that as of last night Duchene is the only player in the league with at least 15 goals, 40 hits, and 40 blocked shots on the season. What a complete player, the kid can do it all! Yes, I'm an Avalanche fan and other than him and Parenteau I haven't had much to cheer about this season. Enough of the pity party let's get back to the topic at hand. Thanks to last week I'm rolling into the final week at 56% on the season, so let's make sure we finish on a high note.

On to the action: