April 24, 2013

Dobber Sports


Clarified my sophomore slump statement below, with examples. I also fixed that video that didn’t copy over properly. ~ Dobber 



My Playoff Draft List is uploaded and ready for your download. Those of you who miss my Ultimate Fantasy Pack, I have a similar offer for you – if you buy the Keeper League Pack and the Playoff List at the same time, use coupon code ULTIMATE and get $3 off. That means that you can get the Prospects Report, the Fantasy Guide, the Preseason Draft List and the Interactive Playoff Draft List for $22.49


We’re down to the final five days of the season – technically four days, if you don’t count the one Sunday game. Make sure you check our Looking Ahead feature to best take advantage of the schedule – for those in daily leagues that allow for some streaming. Of note, Winnipeg is the only team done their schedule after Thursday. So after Thursday, drop your Byfuglien, Wheeler, Kane, Ladd, Little and Pavelec – and grab guys on Minnesota, Chicago, Phoenix, Ottawa and Colorado!


The Jets, speaking of, are against the wall now. They have to win that last game and hope that the Rangers lose two or the Senators lose three. Not seeing it, although the Sens will lose one of their three games – they play Washington. And as the Jets just discovered, the Capitals are unstoppable right now.

The Rangers lost – they’re really doing everything they can to slink meekly into the playoffs.


Alex Ovechkin is suddenly a realistic Art Ross Trophy winner. By the numbers:

Crosby 56 (two games left if he chooses to play them)

St. Louis 55 (three games left)

Stamkos 54

Ovechkin 53 (two games left and the hottest player in the Top 4 right now)

So whose thanking me for encouraging you to buy low on him in February? Even I was a little uncertain, the way things were going. But I snagged him in mid-February for Eriksson, Hemsky, Atkinson and I gave him Del Zotto for Green and Carlson (which at the time looked like I was upgrading his D). I’m going to win that league for the second straight year and could not have done it without this trade. And these are against a group of guys who write/edit/publish the annual Forecaster hockey magazine, so no slouches.


Two points for Steve Sullivan last night. This is probably his last season. The two lockouts cost him getting 300 goals and 800 points in his career – achievements that would be well deserved.


Carl Soderberg picked up his second a