Angus’ 2013 Prime Cuts (Part 3 of 3)

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The final installment of my 2013 Prime Cuts roster unveils the top six forwards, the top defensive pairing, and the starting goaltender.

Welcome to the sixth edition of my end-of-season Prime Cuts roster. To make this team, a player must have made a significant contribution to his respective NHL team in 2013 (especially relative to expectations). I want to reward players who came out of nowhere to produce, but at the same time I also want to recognize stellar performances from elite talents.


I used advanced stats, regular stats, and the "eye test" (watching games) when forming my analysis and opinions on the below players. I didn't adhere to a salary cap, but I did my best to fit players into the proper role. You won't find Erik Karlsson on the third defensive pairing, and you won't find John Tavares centering line four.


Here are the past five Prime Cuts rosters:



I (tried to) remove my own biases (players I like and dislike) when putting this team together, and the selections are 100% subjective. You may disagree on a player or two, but I hope my explanations provide enough reasoning for the "why" behind each pick.