The Top 100 Roto Players – May 2013

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Round two of the NHL playoffs is now underway and the players who have excelled in their respective series have had a sudden boost in trade value. Negotiations can sway in your favour by playing on these newly found emotions. The month of May is quite important for keeper leagues, especially for those that had crowned their champion a couple of weeks ago.

Why? At this time, cunning GMs are doing a spring cleaning assessment of their franchise and preparing for the events ahead. Sudden playoff value is one beast, but the entry draft and free agency to follow are gold. No matter the dynasty, get cracking and do your homework, because the best in your league already have.  If you are not already playing against some of them, the team at Dobber Sports do a pretty good job at giving you the tools you need to have the upper hand.

Ie: Those of you who are in a salary league, Eric Daoust’s current “Capped” run looks at cheap and effective labour. With the cap going down next season, the information presented gives you nice avenues to maximize the bang for buck effectiveness of your depth and role players. Best to save your dollars early and wait until others can’t afford their stars come free agency. There will be panic, and there you will stand with front row tickets to acquire great talent.

Lastly, a big thank you to the daily Studs & Duds crew, newsfeed team, guest contributors, DobberHockey Entry League commissioners etc… stellar contributions by all.

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Download the May 2013 edition right here.