June 04, 2013

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The Fantasy Prospects Report is out – you can pick it up here alone, or as part of the Keeper League Pack!




An update on Aaltonen again (below) – Miika Arponen, former DobberProspects writer, tells me that Dallas is out of the mix on Altonen and that Carolina, Florida, Tampa Bay, Calgary and another team in the West are very much interested.



So…what the hell was that?

I’m embarrassed. Humiliated. I call the Penguins in four and they look terrible. Sidney Crosby should be ashamed of himself. If he wants the Cup, he can get it. He’s choosing no Cup. That’s how I see it. And Kris Letang is a shadow of himself.

Tomas Vokoun got the hook after giving up three goals on eight shots, including the first, seventh and eighth shot. Then Fleury gets back in there and he gives up a goal on the first shot he faces – with eight seconds left.


There’s a lot of yammering from media types about how we can’t blame the goalies for the loss. And that’s partially true. But giving up six goals on 29 shots is inexcusable. The number should be three if the goaltending is average, and two if the goaltending is very good. If the team is down 3-1, maybe they’re not psychologically crushed. Maybe every time they try to get something going, they do so with confidence instead of going through the motions. So yeah, blaming the goalies is valid.

The goal Fleury allowed right off the bat:

That being said – blame the stars more. As I alluded to above with Crosby and Letang. But how about this – Crosby, Malkin, Neal, Iginla and Letang were pointless and a combined minus-10 last night. They are pointless and combined minus-19 overall in the series.

The Penguins dressed Joe Vitale in place of Tyler Kennedy.

So who would you start in Game 3? Fleury… or Vokoun? Do I hear a Jeff Zatkoff vote?




Torey Krug with another assist, three hits and two blocked shots. Six points in seven playoff games now. Looking for to his fantasy numbers in 2013-14.

Brad Marchand scored 28 seconds in… and then he scored again with nine seconds left in the first period. If there were two times to score goals that would best break a team’s back, I would say 0:28 and 19:51 of the first period.

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