Drew Doughty vs. Alex Pietrangelo

steve laidlaw




Cage Match: Who is the better fantasy own – Drew Doughty or Alex Pietrangelo?

Drew Doughty and Alex Pietrangelo will always be linked in my mind as the best two traditional defensemen drafted in the disgustingly loaded 2008 NHL Entry Draft. Yes, yes, yes, Erik Karlsson, but note I said traditional defensemen. Karlsson is something else. He's the cherry on top. Doughty and Pietrangelo were drafted to become anchors on the blueline for their once wayward franchises and they've become just that.


Doughty was the rare defenseman to make the leap to the NHL straight from the draft and even rarer was an impact player by his sophomore season, breaking out to the tune of 59-points. He has since regressed following that with seasons of 40, 36 and 22 points (the latter in 48 games). Not exactly what you want to see.

There are plenty of excuses for this however. For one, Doughty's role has expanded commanding more energy and more time away from pure scoring. That seems logical but here are Doughty's minutes per game numbers by year since his 2009-10 breakout: