Five Multi-Category OHL Prospects You Need to Know

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Biggs, McGinn, and more – five well-rounded OHL players with NHL futures

Here are five young prospects that are getting close to making an impact at the NHL level – either offensively or with other aspects of their game.


More and more fantasy hockey leagues are embracing hits and blocked shots as positive statistics. Why? Well, for starters, they are both recorded in every single NHL rink. The accuracy isn't the same as a goal or an assist (the fluctuations in how these stats are recorded from rink to rink are quite pronounced, actually), but adding these statistics gives fantasy value to a wider net of players. It is widely known that the New York Rangers receive a significant home advantage when it comes to hit recording – the Madison Square Garden statistician is very trigger-happy.


If you learn which rinks tend to award hits more liberally, you can use that information to your advantage.


And it is a nice way to reward gritty forwards and defensemen who otherwise would get little to no attention in fantasy circles. Some leagues are also moving away from PIM (a subject that was debated here last year), as PIM are inherently a negative statistic. Debating aside, there is no arguing that including PIM, hits, and blocked shots in fantasy leagues makes it more challenging (and thus, more rewarding) to evaluate and rank players as draft day approaches.


Special thanks to Brock Otten of OHLProspects for helping me compile this list.


Tyler Biggs – Toronto Maple Leafs




Biggs is a well-rounded forward who contributes in many ways. He's got "pretty good hands" according to Otten, and he's also regarded as one of the best hitters in the OHL. Otten believes that Biggs will see his PIM numbers increase as he gains more confidence using his size.




Biggs skates well for a big guy and at the very least he projects as a good bottom-six forward at the NHL. He has the upside to be a second line guy, but everything needs to go right with his development for that to work out.




Expect him to spend at least one (and likely