June 19, 2013

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Ben Smith missed practice Tuesday for the Blackhawks. Coach Q would not say why. No matter, because Marian Hossa, out with what Aaron Ward of TSN suspects is a neck injury, is expected to play tonight.


Logan Couture has signed a five-year contract extension worth $30 million ($6 million per). He can’t sign it until July 5 because he’s already signed for next year.


Pavel Datsyuk‘s deal is for three years at $22.5 million. That locks him up for another four years, since he still has one year left on his seven-year deal, and it takes him to the age of 38. I wasn’t worried about him leaving the league at this point. But after this next contract, then it becomes possible. He could definitely play until he’s 40 or 42 – he’s just one of those players. But he may want to go back to Russia. Until then, we’re safe for four seasons.


Wow! Well done sir – Slava Voynov signed a six-year contract extension with the LA Kings. For $25 million bones. Again we have to wonder why there was a lockout – were the players really worried that their salary was going to go down?




Daniel Briere has been informed that he will be bought out. So he will be a free agent, and may be worth owning for when he plays on another team. He’s still a Band-Aid Boy, but instead of 50 points in 70 games he may get 55, depending on the team.

Do you remember that crazy summer? The press conferences… July 1, 2007 – Daniel Briere, Chris Drury, Scott Gomez… ah the memories. So how’d that work out?

Yes, Briere was worth the money just from this three or so playoff magic years. That’s what it boils down to I guess. Just found it funny that all three big signings were unable to see the contract through.


Corban Knight was acquired from the Panthers by Calgary for a fourth-round draft pick. He was drafted in the fifth round by the Panthers and given the high amount of prospect forwards in that “one-to-three” years before NHL readiness, some room needed to be made. So now the Panthers move up a round in the draft and reset the clock – the prospect they draft is obviously in the “four-to-six” years before NHL readiness.

Knight had 133 points in his last 124 games for U. of North Dakota – but his teammates included Danny Kristo and Rocco Grimaldi, so his numbers were influenced.


Chris Bourque has signed to play in the KHL.

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