July 6, 2013

steve laidlaw


What an exhausting day of signings. Fun and exciting but exhausting. Kudos to Dobber, Angus and Amato for staying on top of all the action. All of those quick trade breakdowns that give you the info you need to stay a step ahead of your competition – that's what makes this site the best fantasy hockey site out there – I'm proud to be a part of this.


I'll try not to step on all the work those guys did yesterday but at the same time I feel the need to use this space to offer my own take on many of these deals.




I feel like Michael Ryder's deal with the Devils was the single best signing of the day. Why? He signed for market value.


Ryder is one-dimensional, but that dimension is one that often receives an overpayment. At two years and $3.5 million per season, Ryder is properly paid, which you can't say about a lot of these signings.


Ryder fills a huge need for the Devils as well because they had some real holes in their top six. All he does is score and he'll do so in New Jersey.


Props to the Devils for locking up Patrick Elias earlier this week as well. Obviously they still have use for him in their top six but more than anything it's just nice to see him sticking around with his one and only NHL team after a season where we've seen marquee names like Vinny Lecavalier, Jarome Iginla and Daniel Alfredsson all with new clubs.


It helps that Elias already has his rings and was never the team's face of the franchise but he's still been a great player for the Devils for a long time – this contract will take him to his 20th NHL season, all with the Devils. He certainly gets his jersey retired. A Hall-of-Famer as well?




By the way, I hate this whole Alfredsson to Detroit business. Just hate it. The Senators are ready to make a push. They just acquired Bobby Ryan for goodness sake! Granted that happened after Alffie had decided to leave but still. He easily could have chased the ring in Ottawa. I firmly believe they are contenders now that Pittsburgh and Boston are taking steps backward.


Because don't kid yourselves, Ottawa was on the rise regardless of this Ryan deal but acquiring him gives them a tremendous boost. They haven't had a player of his ilk since… since… maybe ever, I don't know. I can't recall a player with his size, athleticism, skill and tenacity ever playing for the Senators.


You can certainly argue that there was an opportunity cost dealing those prospects and pick when the team could have just hit free agency for their power forward but no one on the market was as good as Ryan, except maybe Horton who is older and more injury prone.


It's important to note that Ryan is not injury prone because that's a huge contrast with pretty well the entirety of this Senators roster.


The shackles are coming off for Ryan in Ottawa too. No more second line duties. No more second unit power play. No more being forced into center duty. The Senators have all of that covered. He will be a first liner, skating beside a top 5-10 playmaking center, on a team with the league's best coach and the league's top (offensive) defenseman. If he doesn't score 80 points this season he is a bust and has always been a bust. I hate to put the pressure on like this but that has to be the expectation. He's too good and this situation is too good for anything else to happen.


I will add that you should absolutely NOT try to trade for Ryan now. His value just spiked. Maybe he plays up to these expectations but you won't get any value dealing for him now. Best to sit back and hope some other guys ge