Bobby Ryan vs. Corey Perry

steve laidlaw





Who has the better fantasy hockey value – Bobby Ryan or Corey Perry?


Ever since Bobby Ryan was dealt to the Ottawa Senators I have been pondering the fantasy implications. Obviously this should boost Ryan to new levels but how high can he go? On the flip side, what does this do to Anaheim now that they have finally split up their big three? Is it possible that Ryan's scoring potential exceeds that of former teammate Corey Perry now that he is out of Perry's shadow? These questions are what Cage Match was designed for. Let's do this.


Before we begin it should be noted that this has to be a scoring value only. If we moved this to a rotisserie setting we'd have endless debates about just which categories to include. Both guys are roto-monsters and depending on the settings one could be ahead of the other. I don't want to debate settings so let's stick to the raw scoring.

I've heard it mentioned a few times (I myself even mistakenly mentioned it) that Ryan is now a top line player now that he is in Ottawa. He'll definitely be a top line player but this is nothing new for Ryan who has spent over 50% of his shifts with Perry and Ryan Getzlaf on the Ducks top line since he became a pro in 2008-09. What will change is that Ryan won't bounce around the lineup quite so much in Ottawa. This means no more experiments with him at center. More importantly, however, it means Ryan will get back to being a top line power play option.

By now I'm sure you know the story. Bobby Ryan broke in as a full time NHLer in 2008-09 and wowed us with 31 and 57 points in 64 games. He was a point per game player in the making. Teaming with Getzlaf and Perry to form one of the most physically dominant lines in the game it was a matter of when, not if, Ryan broke the 80 point plateau. Ryan didn't play a lot that season, which hinted at an endless amount of potential should he become a full time top line player.

Of course, what most didn't notice is that when Ryan did play it was almost always with the best the Ducks had to offer, including plenty of top line power play minutes on a Ducks squad that possessed two future Hall-of-Fame defensemen in