7 Guys on New Teams to Stay Away From

Rick Roos





Just say no… to these seven players on new teams…



Every year there are newly signed free agents or guys traded to new teams who poolies somehow talk themselves into obtaining despite many red flags and warning signs. This week I'll try to be the voice of reason and warn you to "just say no" to seven of these types of players, since otherwise you'll only end up disappointed. For a Final Verdict, I'll talk more about ways to spot (and avoid) players like these.


Derek Roy

With Roy, the lure is the five season stretch from 2006-07 to 2010-11 that saw him score at a .91 point per game pace. Fast forward to now, and you might try to convince yourself that Roy is still only 30 and should have something to prove, especially after only being able to get a one year deal this offseason. But here's the issue – not only do you have the natural question marks about whether Roy can once again put up elite numbers, but you also must keep in mind that he's going to a St. Louis team that has a logjam of players in its top nine. In fact, last season only two Blues forwards saw more than 19 minutes of ice time per game and most averaged between 2:00 and 2:30 of PP time, which are far less than what Roy was accustomed to during his glory years.


Viktor Stalberg

In Stalberg you have a big guy (6 ft. 3 in, 210 pounds) just entering the time frame (age 27, fifth season) when power forwards tend to break out. The temptation is to think that his talent was held back by his limited minutes (among Chicago forwards who played 25 or more games last season he was 9th in time on ice per game, 6th in PP time). But the big problem is he's heading to Nashville, which is where offense goes to die. The last time any forward on Nashville finished with more than just 60 points was way back in 2008-09! Plus, even though Stalberg seems like a logical break out candidate on paper, it's far from a guarantee that he'll end up producing increased numbers in response to increased minutes.


Joe Corvo

Now that Corvo is head