Kings Acquire Carcillo

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Fantasy Impact: The Los Angeles Kings have acquired agitating winger Daniel Carcillo from the Chicago Blackhawks in exchange for a conditional draft pick in 2015.



The Blackhawks get: an asset for a body that they weren’t really using. The Chicago/Carcillo experiment went exactly 55 regular season and playoff games (15 points and 99 PIM).



The Kings get: one of the better agitators in the game of hockey, but also one of the most injury-prone players. The 28-year-old at one time was a potential 20-goal, 300 penalty minute player. But injuries have eroded his skills and the lack of games played each season generally reined in his PIM to sub-200 levels. The Kings already boast Kyle Clifford on their roster, but Clifford has pulled back on his physical play and has become a better two-way contributer.



Fantasy Players Impacted: If one body comes in, another body has to go, right? The best bet here is Jordan Nolan, who was a healthy scratch towards the end of the season and through much of the playoffs. But this also effects the kids. It will be a cold day in hell before Tyler Toffoli lets somebody take the spot that he was on the cusp of winning. But other youngsters such as Tanner Pearson have little or no shot at making the jump now (if they did before). Though, with Carcillo’s injury track record, a midseason call-up is always possible.


As for Carcillo himself – in Chicago, just getting into the lineup would be dicey. In Los Angeles, he’ll be a regular when healthy. If he can play 60 games, he can get 200 penalty minutes. His departure paves the way for a kid like Jeremy Morin to make the Blackhawks – I felt he was going to anyway.

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Fantasy Players this helps, in order:

1. Carcillo

2. Morin


Fantasy Players this hurts, in order:

1. Pearson (since Nolan is not really a “fantasy player”)