August 5, 2013

Dobber Sports


The Fantasy Guide – my eighth – was released Thursday and updated Friday. The Draft List was added Friday. Both PDF and Excel documents are ready for download.


Happy Long Weekend! At least here in Ontario. I don’t know how it works in the other provinces/ countries. But that’s why the signings have stopped. They’ll resume again Tuesday I’m sure.


Alexei Ponikarovsky has signed a contract to play the next two years in the KHL.

Former Calgary prospect Mitch Wahl has signed to play next season in Europe.


Jonathan Drouin was hit in the foot by a puck and will miss both days of the Canadian WJC summer camp. The injury is not considered serious – and I wouldn’t expect Drouin at the WJC in December anyway, because he will be with Tampa Bay.


Good news hotmail users! For the last few months, hotmail has been blocking my dobbersports domain emails. That means that if you have a hotmail account you haven’t been getting:

a) a verification email to activate your account

b) a ‘reset password’ code, if you were trying to login but forgot your password

c) a receipt from the shop if you ordered something

d) a notification from the forum, if you subscribed to a thread

e) the newsletter that you may have signed up for



f) any replies that I write you from the admin email address. So I had been forwarding the emails to my dobberhockey email address and replying to you that way.

Hotmail has finally lifted the block and by tomorrow you should be getting dobbersports emails again. If you have experienced any of the above issues, try again now. And if there is still a problem, email me.


It looks like Mike Knuble will retire. He has limited his options to just a couple of NHL teams because he doesn’t want to be far from his family again. And the teams listed – Chicago and Detroit – are already very full and he knows it. Knuble’s a smart man – or at least he has a smart agent. Because he has always had third-line talent, but managed to hook on with team after team that needed a winger for their superstar. And Knuble filled the void nicely each time, inflating his stats (and driving up his contract price) along the way. He played with Joe Thornton in Boston, which got things rolling (peaked at 59 points). Then he played with Peter Forsberg in Philadelphia (peaked at 65 points). And then off to Washington where, of and on, he saw time in the