Generating Interest In Your New Fantasy Hockey League

Rick Roos


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Some suggestions on how to generate interest in joining your start-up fantasy league…


If you're like me, the time you've spent poring over the newly released DobberHockey Fantasy Guide (still the best there is!) has reinvigorated your interest in fantasy hockey for the upcoming season. And now that you're back in the fantasy hockey saddle again, it's time to take on a challenge.

Between now and when the puck drops on October 1, each of you needs to convince at least one person (who isn't already in a league) to do fantasy hockey this season. Yup, that's the challenge. And here's the key – if you do this, not only will it mean more people participating in fantasy hockey, which would be great just on its own, but, as I'll explain in my "Final Verdict", you'll also likely help your own fantasy hockey knowledge and success in the process.

To help you meet this challenge, here's some advice on how to best go about introducing fantasy hockey to different types of people. Of course, feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments.


Who should you approach?

Maybe you don't even realize it, but I guarantee that everyone who's reading this knows literally dozens of people to approach about taking part in fantasy hockey. It could be individuals who you see every day, like your immediate family, close friends, coworkers, or classmates. And thanks to social media, it can also be folks you know but don't interact with on a regular basis.

For all the people you approach and find out are not already doing fantasy hockey, you'll want to divide them into one of two categories – (1) people who consider themselves NHL fans, and (2) people who either don't follow hockey at all or don't follow it enough to maybe even know about fantasy hockey. The good news is there are ways to get both groups on board.


How to handle fans who (for whatever reason) don't do fantasy hockey