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Hockey Abstract



Read on to find out more about Rob Vollman's all-encompassing statistical resource, the Hockey Abstract.


Rob is a close friend of the site and one of the sharpest minds in the hockey statistical community. He has the rare ability to convey complex statistics in a way that makes sense, which is particularly difficult for a sport as complex and fluid as ice hockey.


Read on for an interesting interview and for more information about Rob's book.


How can Hockey Abstract help our readers become better fantasy hockey managers?


Two main ways – (1) as a sober second thought, and (2) to find things that deserve a closer look.


Hockey Abstract shows how hockey analytics can be used to confirm the results of traditional analysis. Furthermore, since nobody can be expected to watch all 82 games for all 30 teams, not to mention the European, Canadian Junior and U.S. College leagues, having a way to mine all of that to find the data you’re looking for is practically invaluable.


More specifically, the book shows you how to translate scoring data from other leagues to the NHL (chapter 14), how to find players with similar scoring totals in history and how to use that to predict future scoring (chapter 15), how to uses passes to predict whose assists will bounce back much in the same way you’re likely already doing with shots and goals (chapter 18), and how player usage can affect scoring totals (chapter 12) – just to name a few examples.


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