Keeper League Salary Cap Gems (Part III)

Eric Daoust



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Emerson Etem and Brendan Smith should be on your keeper team. Read on to find out why!


A popular team-building philosophy in capped keeper leagues is to combine star players who are usually expensive with cheap effective depth options to help keep the roster under the league's cap ceiling. The stars are easy to identify. We know who they are and most of them have a proven track record of high-level production. It is the cap bargains that are more difficult to find and to make matters worse it is not uncommon for cheap players who are effective in one scoring format to not be worth owning in another league. Some additional research is required to figure out which players will help your team the most in your environment.


This week we continue look at a series of players who are good inexpensive investments in keeper leagues in both points-only and multi-category formats. Factors used to select the players include long-term upside and an ability and opportunity to produce immediately along with a multi-year contract with cap hit that is well below the league's average. These players may or may not be easy to acquire in your league but there is tremendous value in owning them.


Note: Since we are profiling players who should be effective immediately, these players also apply as solid options in one-year leagues.




Emerson Etem (ANH)

2013-14: 870,000
2014-15: 870,000



Emerson Etem has had a pretty amazing run since being drafted 29th overall back in 2010 by the Anaheim Ducks. He posted excellent numbers in the WHL, including 45 goals and 80 points in 2010-11 before exploding for 61 goals and 107 points the following year.


Last year was his first as a pro, which was split between Norfolk of the AHL and Anaheim. Following the end of the lockout he successfully transitioned to the NHL suiting up for 38 out of a possible 48 contests and getting a total of 10 points in just 11 minutes per game.


Etem's rookie numbers were not significant but the fact that he made the jump and was not out of place is significant. With Bobby Ryan now out of town others like the 21-year-old Etem will be given an opportunity to pick up some of the slack. With such a proven track record scoring goals and getting points, he is a pretty safe bet to clear the 40-point mark this year and is not