September 02, 2013

Dobber Sports


The big news – even bigger than the Fantasy Guide (for today, anyway) is the new site ‘Dobbernomics’. When it’s ready to launch, the headline will be splashed across the home page. The site is pretty much ready, but just ironing out the registration and how the site will talk to my other sites. My partners Benny Tjärnberg and Daniel Gustavsson have done a fine job getting this ready. I hope to launch today. Stay tuned.


The Fantasy Guide can be picked up online in pdf form for $9.99 – it comes with an updated spreadsheet – free. Updates are all free, download as often as you’d like. Last update was Sunday (i.e. yesterday). The update has Selanne, Omark and Fraser added. For some reason, I had missed putting Fraser back in a couple of weeks ago and I’m surprised nobody called me on it until yesterday!


Paul Ranger is going to play for the Leafs. He’s not going to the AHL. So something has to give here. Actually, two somethings. Right now:

Phaneuf               Gardiner

Franson                  Gunnarsson

Fraser                   Ranger

Liles                       Holzer

Brennan               Rielly

And yes, I think Gardiner is on the top pairing by November. At this point he’s too good to hold back any longer. But I digress. Ranger will make this team. So Rielly won’t. And Brennan will be the ‘spare’. That means that either Franson and Liles get traded, or one of them is traded and Holzer is back to the AHL again. I believe Holzer would need to clear waivers – at least according to Cap Geek.

The right move would be to trade Liles, even if it’s for a bucket of pucks. Fix the situation and clear the cap space. Even in these tight cap times, the Leafs should be able to get a middle-round pick for him. The situation as it stands now makes for a very muddy picture for several key fantasy players. Liles, as long as he’s in Toronto, is almost fantasy-useless. Yet a move back to Colorado, say, would spike his value right back up again.


Similar situation? Edmonton. Let’s take a look:

Petry                     Smid

Schultz                  Ference

Schultz                  Grebeshkov

Larsen                   Potter

Belov                     Klefbom

Once again – 10 defensemen. So once again, the stud rookie is your first cut from the picture – Klefbom. And once again, the defenseman who is probably ready but can’t squeeze into the picture, can’t be sent to the AHL.