Who are the Black Aces? 2013-14 Edition

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Who are the DobberHockey Black Aces? 2013-14 Edition.

What started as a growing team of hockey enthusiasts focused on bringing you hockey insight and accurate in depth information, has now become a staple of the Dobber Sports community. If by chance you are unfamiliar with the contributions of the Black Aces, this article will give you a quick rundown and the details needed to participate. 


November 12th 2010

On this day, two forum sections were created after a very competitive contest in the forums – Tim Lucarelli’s “Dub’s Take” as well as Gates Imbeau & Brandon Praba’s PG Advised. 

Within a few months, PG Advised opened the floodgates to many aspiring writers and hockey enthusiasts. Growing in numbers every day, the section eventually broke off into four divisions – GMGates’ Office, PG Advised, NHL Team Coverage and Brendan Ross’ OHL Coverage. This four headed monster soon became known as the Black Aces project.